About Pakistanism

How many times have you searched for something specific to Pakistan on Google and have come up with results which are just a waste of time and clicks? That is because it is hard for a search engine to know what really is Pakistani content and what is not.

We have combined the power of Google and our own Pakistani understanding to bring you the best relevant search experience for all things Pakistani.

Pakistanism.com is an experiment with a specialized web search engine that searches by putting emphasis and giving priority to an exclusive index of Pakistani web content of the most useful and relevant information for your desired search results. Using Google's search technology and our Pakistani knowledge, we are constantly improving search functionality by updating and tweaking the index of quality Pakistani web content.

In a short time, you will see considerable improvement in your search results as we update the index with more and more useful Pakistani content. We would love to hear from you if you have suggestions for great Pakistani content out there on the web. Please note that we are not necessarily looking just for "popular" content, but also obscure hidden Pakistani gems around the Web.

You are welcome to suggest a website or page which you are confident will add to a better Pakistani content search experience for everyone. Please also note that we reserve the right not to accept any website without assigning any reason.

We also have plans to invite Contributing Editors for Pakistanism.com in future and will keep you posted in this space.